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December 16, 2012:

A long term project finally completed! At the right are two porcelain signs I
recently had electrified. At left are the before pics which are just the
porcelain. At right are signs hung on the wall complete with new electric.
The Neon for the Canadian Ace is also new. The neon for the Old Manhattan is
original. The porcelain for the Old Manhattan is one side of this
massive 2
face sign. I worked a deal where a buddy of mine got one side of the Old
Manhattan in return I got the Canadian Ace. The Old Manhattan is circa mid to
late 1930's and I suspect the Canadian Ace is circa late 1940's.

The restoration work was done by
US Neon in Valley Park Missouri
November 17, 2012:

Homeowners in Lyon's, Illinois just outside Chicago found this complete case
of Old Manhattan bottles under their front porch. I was happy to add these to
my collection. All 24 bottles along with the case are on display with my
collection. This has a powerful effect since the bottles match the one on the
metal sign in the background!
September 4, 2010:

Franco Chiappetti with Chicago's famous
Chiappetti Lamb and Veal recently
contacted me to share information about this very interesting and unique
piece. Chiappetti Lamb and Veal is located at 3900 S. Emerald Avenue, across
the street from the vacant lot at 3901 which housed the main Manhattan
complex. Franco explained that before the brewery was torn down, his
maintenance crew liberated this panel from one of the buildings. The plaque
mentions "Vilter" and the gauges mention "Vilter Manufacturing Co" of
Milwaukee. Vilter is still in business and manufactures industrial
refrigeration equipment. My guess is the panel was used to monitor/control
the refrigeration equipment used in the lagering process. It just goes to
show, apples don't fall far from the tree! Click on the pic to see more shots
of this awesome piece of Manhattan and Chicago brewing history saved so we
can enjoy!

Thanks Franco!

February 6, 2010: Another Old Manhattan Beer Road Sign!

I just picked up this beauty from a contractor who found the sign in a barn
being razed in Illinois. The sign should clean up nicely. This sign measures
6' by 2'. It is very cool to compare/contrast this sign with the one below.
Can't believe I have 2 different examples of such a cool sign! I also picked
up some old beer cans the contractor found in a crawl space in his house.
Also picked up some cool old
Budweiser "Eagle Claw" beer cans the contractor
found in a crawl space in his house.

April 19, 2009: Old Manhattan Beer Road Sign

I recently aquired this great Old Manhattan Beer sign and a few other neat
from a gentleman who contacted me after doing some research. The sign measures
about 3' x 5'. It was probably designed to be hung outside as a Road Sign. It
a wonderful addition to the collection and it now sits proudly behind my bar.
had to do some significant re-arranging to accomadate the sign (see Basement
Project post below). Now I am even more motivated to get my
old Manhattan Beer
neon sign displayed!

Manhattanfully yours, Paul
March 21, 2009: The Old Wisconsin Project

Old Wisconsin has always been one of my favorite cans. A few years back, I
had an
awesome example that (alas - sniff) is no longer part of my
collection. Ever since I have had a hard time finding a decent off-grade
example. I recently scored the cool Old Wisconsin on the right. The can had
touch up around the "BEER", "LAGER", and grains. It looked like Testors
paint, or something of lessor quality. After much thought, I bought a small
bottle of Testors thinner (it contains xylol and n-propoxypropanol). I tested
out the thinner on a few doner cans to see how it reacted on various types of
paint, including touch up. With my confidence and hope running high, I
carefully and incrementally applied to small areas on the Old Wisconsin with
a qtip and rinsed the can immediately with water after each application. It
worked great. Here is the
after pic. The can has the Virginia tax stamp on
the lid, and was probably among those from a legendary find in that state.

Now with out question, this is my favorite can :)
Click here to see more pics
of this can and other Old Wisconsin breweriana.


November 30, 2008: The Basement Bar Project

Well after many years of deliberation and debate, over the summer I completed
(well almost - these sorts of projects are never completely finished) my long
sought after basement bar. This was a tricky project as we live in an older,
circa 1923 home, and working around constraints of an old basement can be
challenging. The bar gives me a small, but nice space to display much of my
collection. My master plan includes room to display my
massive Old Manhattan
neon (over 5 feet long). Here are a couple more pics of the front and side

Happy Holidays,

September 1, 2007: BCCA Canvention in Denver, Best Chapter Display

The BCCA Canvention was a blast. The Rusty Bunch award winning display
featured a Manhattan brand's canned to state where those cans have been
dug/found us Rusty Bunchers. Over 20 different brands (if you count Beer vs.
Ale - and frankly, in the case of Manhattan, they probably put the same brew
in both Ale and Beer packaging) in 20 different states! Thats what I call the
long arm of Manhattan!!


August 16, 2007: Visit to the site of the Manhattan brewery in Chicago

I was in Chicago visiting family and made my first visit to 39th and Emerald.
The neighborhood in the immediate vicinity appears to be on the up swing. I
did not see any Rosalie or Tiger cans laying around, so I took some pics and
liberated a brick and cobblestone from the vacant brewery lot. Not quite as
fun as dumping Lubecks or scoring an Old Manhattan Neon at a show, but really
fun none the less.

Click on the pic to the right for more info and additional pictures.

As always,

June 15, 2007: Swap-a-rama breweriana collectors show in St. Louis

Had a blast a the show last Friday. I enjoyed catching up with old friends
and meeting some new ones. Thanks to everyone who gave my oldest son Matt
great deals on cans and bottles for his budding collection. Unfortunately I
could only attend on Friday, but that was plenty of time to add some nice
stuff to my collection.

Most interesting find was a cache of Manhattan files / documents I got from a
local collector. Well over 1000 documents (see pic at right - condition is
not great, but the documents contain some really interesting historical
information on brands, cans, and insights into day-to-day operations and
strategies of the brewery).

The collector acquired the paperwork from the estate of another collector who
was an ATF agent. The collector told me the agent got the paperwork from the
abandoned Manhattan brewery sometime before it was razed. It will be a fun
project to organize this info and post interesting nuggets on this website.

Cheers, Paul