Manhattan Withdrawn Free
All rights reserved by Paul King (c) 2007
Here's the story on this great
find by fellow RB'er Dan:
"My wife works at a bank and occasionally mentions to customers that I collect beer cans and if they
ever come across anything, to give her a call. About a year ago, my wife talked with a lady that deals
with estate sales and asked her if she ever came across cans. The answer was no, but she'd keep her
eyes open. Well, last month while clearing out an estate, she came across a collection. She called my
wife on a Friday to let her know. I called the lady that night and she said if I was interested, come
on down early the following morning around 8:30 because she was having a garage sale starting at 10:00
where she was going to sell everything. Needless to say, I was there at 8:30 sharp and she walked me
into her garage: There were boxes stacked to the ceiling, garbage bags full of cans, and a few open
case flats of cans. While talking with her, I was glancing at what was immediately visible which was a
Busch Lager 47-18 and a Royal Amber 125-26 in 1/1+ condition. She named her price for the whole lot,
and given the price she wanted, let's just say I had no need to look at whatever else was there! It
took me 2 trips to get the whole collection home. Of the whole take, there were 157 U.S. 12 oz. flats
amongst a bunch of "everything else". I didn't realize what the Manhattan was until about 4 days later
one night while I was sitting at the dining room table cleaning, waxing, and categorizing the cans. I
had even held the Manhattan a few minutes in my hand before realizing what it was. I was going through
the Lilek book, starting at the beginning of the Manhattan section, saying, "Nope, that's not it,
nope, nope, this must be a later one, let's take a look at the side panels more closely....." then, I
saw the WF statement and my mouth literally dropped to the floor. "H-O-L-Y S-$#%" is what I basically
said. That's about the whole story. And believe it or not, it's the very 1st Manhattan Beer (from
Chicago) placed into my collection. Pretty good for a first can of that series, eh? :) I don't plan on
trading/selling it any time soon. I don't think my chances of picking up another one are too good. I
just thought I'd share (this story) to show, "It can happen to you"."