Manhattan Files. I am in the process of reviewing a recent cache of Manhattan docs I acquired
News and Views post). So far I have probably skimmed 1000+ docs and have many more to go. There is a
lot of interesting stuff contained in these docs, but thus far none make any mention of Capone, or any of
his family ;) What I have found is interesting information about the people that ran the brewery, brands,
distribution, marketing, relationships to other breweries, and other operational aspects like finances.
Many of the docs tell great mini-stories about specific canned brands such as this one:
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Using our Way-Back machine, take a virtual tour of the brewery by means of a set of blue
prints and drawings from 1933
. Theses plans were drawn up in preparation for
renovating the brewery for post-prohibition production. Maybe one day if I get rich, I'll rebuild the
brewery per-the old plans! At least the land is still available.
Check out an aerial pic of the old
site of the brewery courtesy GoogleEarth Also, Check out the old brewery site location on Google Maps.